Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow was rated the number one QB battle for 2012

According to, the number 1 quarterback battle to watch in 2012 will be between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for a 4th round pick after the Denver Broncos acquired Peyton Manning. Tebow, who won two BCS National Championships at the University of Florida, obviously wants to take the job away from Mark Sanchez. I’m sure Sanchez, who hasn’t looked spectacular, isn’t looking to give up his job that easy. As of now, Tebow is said to have 1 to 50 snaps per game and could come in on punt protection.

The New York Jets have already made it clear that Sanchez is their guy and Tebow will be used for other specially-designed plays, but nothing is set in stone. Tebow is one of the most competitive players in the NFL and Sanchez has yet to reach his full potential–so this battle will certainly be interesting to watch during training camp.